A month has passed since the last Recap and we have prepared a new one! This month has been rough for the team, but we want to thank you for your DOPE support! It helps us move forward and gives us strength. …

On Wednesday, September 23 Co-Founder of Drunk Robots, Vladimir Nikitin attended a live stream AMA to answer the most interesting and frequently asked questions! The video is available here.

What will the gameplay be like? Is it 2D or 3D, action or strategy? …

Our gangs are growing really fast! 14 ambassadors invite you to their teams! Meet all of them and choose which one you would like to join!

The first gangs were formed in Los Machines! It’s important to join the one, because gangs take a big part in the Drunk Robots game!

If your gang will reach more than 500 robots until compete sold out, then you and your gang will receive a special NFT drop with…

Good news! We are pleased to announce that as part of the work on the game, the main obstacles that keep our boozer androids from getting on your gadget have been overcome! So, what happened to Drunk Robots recently?

1. Twitter and Discord have rushed, if not to the Moon…

There are so many talented applications, that we’ve decided to increase the first wave ambassadors number to 14!

Please welcome the official list of the Ambassadors:

  1. Shibo San
    Telegram @ShiboSanGaming
    Discord ShiboSan Gaming#7130
  2. Bitpan
    Telegram @Bitpan
    Discord Bitpan#4487
  3. Dexter Plays PH
    Telegram @dexterplaysph
    Discord DexterPlaysPH#8027
  4. Alessandro Soares
    Telegram @RendaTotalWeb
    Discord Alessandro .S — Renda Total#4160
  5. Archie Lim
    Telegram @iamarchielim
    Discord Harimao#2843
  6. Flash
    Telegram fdeflash
    Discord fdeflash#1584
  7. Crypt0Ref
    Telegram @Crypt0Ref
    Discord Crypt0Ref#2668
  8. Daniel Johnson
    Telegram @goshinyhunter

Did you miss containers #2 and #3? They’re sold out dramatically fast!

No worries — there is one more opportunity for you to get an additional weapon and farming unit!

All you need is just to hold Containers #1 until the sold out of the robots:

  • Hold 5+ Containers #1 to get an additional weapon!
  • Hold 10+ Containers #1 to get a farming unit!

And yes, if you already have some containers #1, you don’t need to buy 5 or 10 more.

For example: if you have 2 Containers #1, you need to buy only 3 additional ones to get the weapon or 8 additional ones to get the farming unit!

Containers #1 are still available: https://app.liquidifty.io/drunk_robots

Stay tuned!

Time has come! We are pleased to launch the first wave of the Drunk Robots ambassador program!

During this week we have received so many highly talented applications! We are truly shocked how active, smart and enthusiastic all you are! Thank you! The team highly appreciates your support!

At this moment the 5 positions are available!

More will be opened soon, if you didn’t get to the first wave — don’t worry, keep supporting DR…

The Rusty Five

At the very beginning, the robo-dump itself was not as hostile as it is now. To build the first version of the community, robots had to be united as a giant mechanism. Their specializations were helpful for each other — someone could build better, someone could defend better. Thanks to…

Are you a KOL/influencer or just a P2E games fan?

The Drunk Robots team is looking for local stars to be the ambassadors of projects in their country.

What do we expect from you?

  • You are an active Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Telegram user and you have your own community connected with crypto/p2e.
  • You are ready to share and promote the news about Drunk Robots.
  • You are advanced crypto user.

First of all, yes — Drunk Robots is not just an avatar project, it’s a play-to-earn game built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

The game’s setting takes place in the not-so-distant future in a city called Los Machines, which is occupied by crazy robots. Their life consists of parties and crime, and the incessant hunt for the main wealth in the city — METAL, local beer brewed by craftsmen.

All these robots do…

Drunk Robots

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.

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