3 min readJan 23, 2024


Hey bots!

There are important updates about $METAL distribution in the existing Drunk Robots game.

In order to reduce token inflation, we decided to stop the rewards distribution in the old game starting from the next season (Feb 04, 2024) and focus all the team’s efforts on the development and launch of BADMAD ROBOTS.

No need to worry!

This change is beneficial for everyone — from our earliest adopters and players to the newcomers. It is essential for the project to shift from the Play-to-Earn model to a more stable one, where a rewards pool is formed from the game’s revenue and is then redistributed among players based on their skills and victories in tournaments.

Our goal is to build a game which meets all the high standards of competitive gameplay and is easily accessible and attractive to the established community of players. At the same time, the world of gaming is evolving, and we aim to be part of that change. Web3 empowers us to challenge the current norm where all the proceeds of playing and transacting in games go only to gaming companies. Given the substantial time and value players contribute to these platforms, it is only fair that they also receive fair compensation.

$METAL token is going to play a significant role in the game economy. The team is currently working on the updated whitepaper with all the details and roadmap and will present it soon.

As the first action, we have taken a fresh look at the token allocations and re-distributed them:

  1. The amount of unlocked tokens to date hasn’t changed and remains as it should be
  2. 1.2 BILLION $METAL (43%) was taken out of future inflation and locked in the treasury
  3. A portion of the allocation was redistributed for future airdrops and marketing activities to attract more players
  4. The other portion was redistributed to the liquidity pools to maintain the health of the $METAL token
  5. The team’s allocation remains unchanged

You can find more details in the picture below.

If you hold NFTs from the Drunk Robots collection, we have good news for you as well!

New NFTs to be airdropped to you in the near future. Snapshot of the holders was taken on Jan 23, 2024. Everyone who wants to become an NFT holder, please refrain from purchasing the current NFT collection and wait for the announcements.

All these changes are aimed at reducing excessive $METAL inflation and building a game that is genuinely enjoyable to play. We are confident that creating a great game is impossible without active involvement and support from the community. Community satisfaction and rewarding will always remain our priority.

We want to sincerely thank you for all your support!




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