Drunk Robots — Recap #1

2 min readSep 13, 2021


Good news! We are pleased to announce that as part of the work on the game, the main obstacles that keep our boozer androids from getting on your gadget have been overcome! So, what happened to Drunk Robots recently?

1. Twitter and Discord have rushed, if not to the Moon, then to geostationary orbit for sure: more than 7,500 subscribers on Discord and 30,000 subscribers reading our tweets in less than a month — what kind of jokes are there? We are proud of you, guys!

2. We have entered the partnerships with NFTb and Faraland — one of the most significant gaming project on BSC. We are not going to stop there — September promises a bunch of incredibly cool collaborations!

3. The original story, lore, and all 6 genesis of robots were presented!

4. The details of the future game have been published, and it will be really amazing!

5. The sales of robots are breaking all records: more than 5000 robots have already been sold. It is a record on the Liquidifty platform, and it broke into the top 5 marketplaces in terms of volume!

6. Drunk Robots were presented in the official Telegram group of the Binance Smart Chain are in the process of AMA!

7. We have launched the ambassador program — we have found 12 ambassadors who are already engaged in creating their gangs. Soon, the first tests will start. Let the battle of incredible epic begin!

The gameplay and economics are on the way, stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!




Intense and fun team-based free-to-play multiplayer shooter set in a brutal post-human society.