Drunk Robots Ambassador program — first wave announcement. Start your gang!

2 min readSep 2, 2021

Time has come! We are pleased to launch the first wave of the Drunk Robots ambassador program!

During this week we have received so many highly talented applications! We are truly shocked how active, smart and enthusiastic all you are! Thank you! The team highly appreciates your support!

At this moment the 5 positions are available!

More will be opened soon, if you didn’t get to the first wave — don’t worry, keep supporting DR and share your activities with us! Everyone has equal chances!

What’s next?


  1. During the next few days we will contact 5 champions of the first wave.
  2. These 5 champions will receive all the perks we promised:
    a. 300 $BUSD;
    b. 2 containers with robot (1 is for giveaway among your community);
    c. official ambassador badge in discord;
    d. chat with our core team where we’ll share all the latest news and answer your questions;
    e. beta-test early access.

Also, we have prepared more amazing rewards and abilities for our Ambassadors!

1. The most active ambassadors will also get special NFT drops (equipment/farming unit/weapon) every 3 months.

2. You will be able to create your own gang!
To participate, you need to come up with a gang name, coat of arms, motto. The main goal is to start attracting more gang members because the larger the gang, the more chances of getting more goodies.

3. If your gang will reach more than 500 robots until compete sold out, then you and your gang will receive a special NFT drop with cool robo-items (weapons/clothing/equipment/farming units) with the gang symbols.

4. Top-3 Gangs will get a special $MTL drop, when robots will be sold out and $MTL will be available.

LFGO! The Drunk Robots community is getting bigger and bigger! Let’s show the world real Drunk Robots power!

If you didn’t get to the first wave — don’t worry! The second wave is coming soon!
You can apply for joining the Ambassador Program here.

Stay tuned!




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