Drunk Robots — next plans

5 min readFeb 8, 2023

Hello, drunkards, this is AMA Recap. We have collected all the discussed questions in our chats and social networks and the ones the users worry the most.

1. Let’s start, what did drunk robots do from December till the end of January?

First of all, December was full of releases, namely:

But besides this, we’ve started discussing the possibility of moving to the Polygon network, which we’ve recently informed you about. There was also planning of what the game should ultimately consist of and what it should be, which we will talk about further.

2. What will happen next with drunk races?

The races served as a good boost in the beginning to keep the $METAL price and the players involved. As we later reported, they also played a negative role as a result of which the rewards were lowered. In general, at this stage the races go to the 2nd stage — in the near future we will not make new innovations in them, as we want to focus on PvP mode. Supporting 2 different games is a very labor-intensive process. One way or another, almost all the carts were paid back by 100%+, as for those who have used up the mileage — maybe someday we will come to revive them, but not at this stage.

3. What about PvP? What changes are waiting for us?

In short:

  • F2P robot
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Abilities during battles
  • Character roles
  • Leveling
  • Gangs and gang wars
  • Changing the farming speed system

4. Let’s start with the free to play robot, what is it? There is a fear that he will kill the economy of the game.

This fear is justified on the one hand, but the spoiler for the question is — no, it will not break the economy. We are working on giving the opportunity to enter the game and feel it before the purchase, to understand how everything works, what mechanics it has, how you can earn and decide whether it is worth spending money to play it. Thus, this makes the path easier for a beginner, especially if he is far from the crypto world and is not ready to immediately buy something.

5. What about equipment upgrades?

We are almost ready to start developing this feature, in short, you will have the ability to upgrade the equipment from common to legendary. This in turn will give a very big boost to those teams that have reached their maximum at the moment but want to overcome it.

6. Equipment upgrade is something that our players already know about and are waiting for. Let’s talk about Abilities during battles — how is it going to be?

From here, significant changes begin in the mechanics, including the economy of the game, we see the battle as follows: Combat is turn-based, and during the battle, each character is automatically attacking and receiving damage. But the player needs to trigger the special abilities during his turn. There is a timer to do this action, otherwise he loses it in this turn.

And the most interesting thing is that these abilities will be presented in the form of NFT gaming cards! which will also differ in rarity and their end actions. In the future, it will be a good opportunity for collecting, selling, and possibly crafting them.

7. What does “Character roles” mean?

We have 6 robots. For new and even for current players it isn’t obvious who and how to choose, how their basic parameters create an impact. So we’ve decided to make it more obvious:

Break the current robots into roles, 2 characters for each role — damagers, tanks, and support. This will be in their basic parameters.

8. Sounds good, let me know which one to choose to smash everyone in PvP. Let’s move on to Leveling, what is it?

This is an opportunity to increase the level of your robot, due to which there will be an increase in its parameters. This will allow more time to be devoted to building a team and to give the opportunity to those who spend more time playing to rise above.

9. We have 2 topics left to discuss, and one of them is gangs and gang wars, what will happen to them?

First of all, we have already said that this is a test. At the moment, we are considering reducing the number of participants in 1 gang to create more competition among the existing players. The next step will be combat — this is the ability to specifically attack each other and, depending on the number of victories, determine a winner. At the same time, we want to give more meaning to joining gangs — namely, the opportunity to upgrade your card abilities and parameters of your robots by being in a gang.

10. And the last but not least is about the farming speed system. What changes will take place?

And this is probably one of the most global innovations and changes in the game and the way of earning.

We are going to replace the reward for farming speed in the form of a virtual in-game currency, which is not a token instead of $METAL. It will serve for various improvements to your robots, equipment upgrade, card abilities, and other actions along with $METAL.

At the same time, $METAL will be earned for your fights and how you conduct them. It is important to receive $METAL to be at the top of your division.

At the moment, all this is going through several stages of testing and debugging the economy itself. But in the end, this will allow those who want to earn to do something and work on their team.

11. Sounds interesting, I’d love to see it all. Something else? Or can we answer the players’ questions?

Tournaments are another important element. We have not forgotten about them and are now actively negotiating with other games, not only game projects, to act as partners in them. At the same time, we will also run them by ourselves, and this will also be an additional opportunity to earn $METAL.

This will become especially possible after the introduction of the equipment upgrade, as it will be possible to really reach the top.

As for the lands, we’ve decided to postpone it, everything is ready, but there is no point to push it right now, without new players.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!




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