Gang Wars — all you need to know!

3 min readDec 14, 2022

Yo guys, we are ready to release the first version of the gang wars!

It is important to understand that this version was developed in order to understand how interesting this mode is for you, and we will be able to keep track of the engagement of current users and improve subsequent ones.

The release should be tomorrow, December 15th.


In order for the gang to be able to enter the war, you must have at least 20 members, as well as make a contribution of 100,000 $METAL. At the same time, any member of the gang can make this contribution, and his reward will also depend on his contribution if the gang takes 1st place.

The gang wars will take place in the form of a competition between 2 and/or more gangs that have joined it. During the gang war, its own leaderboard will be formed and the position of the gang will be determined based on:

Win/Rate of the gang + the total rating of the gang members (determined by the sum of the rating of all the members / 100).

The gang that will be in 1st place in this leaderboard will be considered the winner.

Now let’s talk about rules:

  • The gang war lasts as long as the season in PvP — 32 days.
  • The gang should consist of 20 members. If the number of members decreases, it will require to get to the necessary number of members in order to continue participating in the war, if this is not possible, all the user contributors to the treasury are not subject to return
  • The distribution of reward occurs in relation with the contribution to the treasury for each participant, the more the participant has contributed, the more he will receive from the total prize pool in % ratio
  • If the gang does not reach a 100,000 $METAL distribution, those members who have contributed will not be able to get back their $METAL! Therefore, when making a contribution, consider whether you can fill the treasury completely
  • If the participant(s) who contributed the contribution leaves the gang, the winnings will be divided among the remaining participants who made the contribution — if there are none, no one receives the winnings
  • If the gang is removed at the collection stage, the contribution made will not be returned
  • In case of exit or exclusion of the user who contributed to the gang, upon his return, he again participates in the distribution of rewards according to his contribution, in case of his transfer to another gang, he must make a new contribution
  • To end the war, it is necessary that there should be at least 2 active gangs that have made a full contribution
  • Only one gang will get the reward

As for further implementations, we plan to come to a standard model where a tournament bracket will be drawn up, and the members of one gang will fight in PvP with the members of another one in matches and will receive points for them. For now, let’s look at this 1st iteration and see how we can work out based on your feedback. In the middle of next season, the form for collecting these feedbacks will be presented.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!




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