Hello robots! We are glad to present our updated website to you. We are also finalizing our roadmap and will be ready to present it to you soon. As you can see, the launch of the token is scheduled for Q1 of 2022, but this doesn’t mean that until that moment you will not have any gaming activities and you will not be able to get something. Now, let’s get back to our new website.

  1. We have redesigned it so that new users can understand what our project is about and at what stage it is. We have also thought about our existing community and added a section with a collection of robots, now you can visually see every robot and check if they are already open.

We have built this design also based on your opinion, and we hope that you will like it as much as we do!

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.