Strategic partnership with Shima Capital

We are thrilled to announce that Drunk Robots is partnering with Shima Capital. This is a strategic partnership, Shima Capital is the private investors of our project, which in turn will also help us to strengthen in the main directions.

Now we are working on a new roadmap and very soon we will be glad to present it to you!

About Shima Capital

Backed by some of the top crypto exchanges, they are native blockchain investors with traditional VC experience and a deep network in Silicon Valley and Asia.

Their #1 investment KPI is to provide the most sweat equity per dollar invested for their founders. Their value-adds include introductions to tier 1 VCs, talent acquisition, media/marketing/PR, validator support, and general business development for our companies.

Their global team is based in California and abroad.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.