Scavenging Release

Drunk Robots
2 min readJan 17, 2022


Hello, robots! First of all, we’ve changed the name from mining to scavenging. You suggested this name a couple of times, and we’ve decided to make this change, since it is really better suited.

Scavenging is running in a test mode, you will still receive $JUNK, but during weeks 1 and 2 after the release, we will look at your activity to determine the amount of $JUNK that will be enough to distribute throughout the day.

The main details:

  • The amount of $JUNK for daily distribution is limited
  • The more robots and the higher their rarity, the more $JUNK you can collect
  • Staking and unstaking are instant, there are no any penalties
  • All transactions require a minimum gas commission
  • For $JUNK you can buy specially prepared containers that contain items of equipment or weapons
  • Opening containers will be available shortly after we fix the final distribution amount for $JUNK

Also good news! For everyone who held the containers at the time of writing this announcement, despite the fact that we have not sold all the containers yet, we are canceling this rule, you can open them! And at the same time, you aren’t losing the opportunity to get weapons and farming units. Get actively involved, share your robots on twitter and stake them in scavenging!

Scavenging is available! NOW! Here: PLAY

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!



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