Roadmap and mini-game release

Well, we know that you all are waiting for the release, and it starts today!

Yes, we know that we’ve misjudged our efforts and are moving with a delay from the roadmap. We have learned a lot from our experience and the experience of the competitors and partners, and we want to release a game in which everyone can really both earn and enjoy the process.

Upcoming releases schedule:

October 27 — the Knockout mini-game release;
October 31 — the PVE gameplay demonstration (store robbery);
November 10 — opening of the containers (we listen to you, so the containers will be open regardless of the number of robots sold);
November 12 — in-game store and secondary market;
November 12 — the release of the player’s personal account, P2E mode in the Knockout mini-game;
November 14 — the players’ dashboard launch;
Until November 30 — PVE — robbery release.

The Knockout mini-game is already live!

The leaderboard will be launched in the next two weeks, so that everything is counted and distributed as needed. Well, now, you have a unique opportunity to practice your skills in order to climb to the top and stay there for the first week.

The F2P activities help us to drive the community and attract those people and players who could not or cannot jump in at the start. At the same time they will be interested in the project, get involved in its story like how you did it, and as a result, they will want a robot that you already have. Thus, the cost of your robot will only increase.

Therefore, get involved in the process and help actively spread this news, let’s find out which of you will score the highest, share it in your twitter with #drunk_knockout

Drunkards, believe that we aren’t wasting time and we aren’t releasing the project out of harm. In recent days, there is a lot of fud and hate in the chat — this doesn’t help the team move forward. We just think it’s pointless to release a raw version that will disappoint all of you.

Think back and see how much content we’ve released so far. How much was shown to you. You can check the progress by reading our Recap #1 and Recap #2, and all this was done in just 2,5 months! Imagine how much more there will be and how fast we are moving.

Thanks to everyone who helps and supports us from the first day! We appreciate and love each of you! You won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!


Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.