Referral program

Hey Ya! Well, we have prepared several important updates here.
While part of our team is working on the implementation of the first version of gangs, the other part is fixing bugs and making minor changes.

But sometimes these changes are not so small in terms of impact. And so, we have changed the specifications of the robots in the dashboard, and now they will be displayed in the same way as the slots.
The next step is to make the same change on our marketplace Liquidifty.

The next update is no less important, it’s a referral program! It’s important to note that we’re not going to turn it into something too complex and rather just serve as an opportunity to get something in return, especially since you have already recommended us to your friends.

The program conditions:

The “invite friends” button has appeared in the dashboard; when you go there, you get to the menu where you can see those whom you’ve invited and what statuses they have.

Three easy steps to claim your reward:

1. Copy the link and send it to a friend to sign up with it. It will work only with new players, and if only they will register with your link.

2. Your friend will receive 500 $METAL to his account in the game after purchasing the container(s) with a robot(s).

3. If your friend buys a container with a robot, you will receive a cashback of 500 $METAL to your account in the game.

Payments are made once a week. Cashback is credited for each container with a robot but only from the 1st purchase/transaction.

In the next couple of weeks, we will also prepare the updates on races as well as announce the conditions for the rewards of the new season.

Stay with us and don’t forget to drink whiskey.



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Drunk Robots

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.