Hello drunkards, the opening of the containers is available at the following link: https://app.liquidifty.io/drunk_robots/open. Keep in mind that when the container is opened, it’s burned.

There are several important clarifications here. Despite the opening of the containers, you will not be able to sell your robot at this stage. You will have this opportunity in case of the following events: the sale of all the containers or the launch of our main gaming activities. This is due to the fact that at the moment we haven’t released our core games, so, if you want to resell your robot, it is important that the cost doesn’t fall below the cost of the container.

Many of you have raised and asked that we provide you with an opportunity to open containers and at the same time not to lose a chance to get a farming unit and/or weapon. Our position on this matter is as follows: this activity was introduced solely due to the fact that many of you wanted to buy containers #2 and #3, but they are quickly sold out. So we’ve listened to you and introduced this event.
We aren’t going to change the rules at this stage, therefore, if you want to receive bonuses, you must fulfill all the conditions, namely, wait for the end of the sale of all the containers, or if you want to take part in the game and not to lose your bonuses, you can always buy another container and open it.

Regarding containers #2 and #3, opening it, you still get everything, as announced, but at this stage you will have an opportunity to see only a robot, a farming unit and weapon will be provided to you later.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.