$METAL Staking in PvP!

1 min readDec 28, 2022


Hello, drunkards! We hope that your Christmas went off with a bang, and you had a hangover in the morning! We’re bursting with another release this year, and that’s staking!

Depending on the amount of metal you have staked, you get a multiplier to your current hash power in PvP and thus increase your farming speed and overall earnings. Stake now!

There are 100 places in total divided into 5 levels, and here’s the corresponding multiplier:

  • Level 1 — x2
  • Level 2 — x1.7
  • Level 3 — x1.5
  • Level 4 — x1.3
  • Level 5 — x1.1

For example: if you are in the Division 4 in PvP and Level 1 in Staking, you have 15 hash power * 2 = 30 hash power.

The more you staked in relation to others, the higher your position and multiplier.

Note: $METAL can’t be unstaked for the next 24 hours since the last transaction. In farming speed, the value is indicated without taking into account the multiplier, but the correct value flows into accumulated.

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