Drunk Robots releases the 1st mini-game

Hey, robots! Today we’re going to disclose more details about the gameplay and finally show a video of the actual process of one of the mini-games!

The whole gameplay will be divided into 4 main areas:

1. Meta gameplay
It’s owning a robot itself, chasing for rare robots and their equipment, improving their characteristics, gang system, avatar and collectibles, and much more.

2. Core gameplay
The core gameplay will be based on both the time-tested MMO game mechanics and currently the most popular hyper-casual and casual mechanics. It’s going to be robbery of banks and stores, participation in drunk races, dance battles and so on. Here you’ll get a chance to earn $MTL.

3. Farming and farming units
Each player in Los Machines can have his own corner — his own personal territory. This is your shelter, which you can improve and use to farm certain resources. But beware, your base may be attacked!

4. Free to play (mini-games)
Casual games that anyone can join and play. All of you’ll have the opportunity to win valuable prizes, for example, weapons. Subsequently, these items can be sold on the marketplace and thus accumulate the necessary amount to buy a robot or container. A mini-game will be released for each of the 6 robots.

We are glad to announce the release of our 1st mini-game, and you’ll be able to play it this month. The mini-game will be available on both mobile and desktop platforms. This game will smoothly lead you into our metaverse and give you the opportunity to enter our drunkards universe.

“Our goal at Drunk Robots is not only to build an amusing gameplay along with a strong economic background. But also to give you, our community, the opportunity to build this universe together with us, and we listen and will listen to your opinion and ideas. You are already in the game,and it started long before this moment.

The 1st mini-game is a browser-based survival where Knockout needs to shoot at other robots. The mini-game is presented in an f2p model, so you don’t need to hold a container to join. Every week we reward the top 10 players in the world ranking — this is a starting rule that may be changed in the future.

Starting from December 13, we are changing the rules for getting a prize in knockout mini-game. Prizes will be distributed randomly among those players who will have scored 100 points or more. The number of prizes remains the same, 10 containers with equipment. — this rule may be modified in the future.

Let’s DOPE it!

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!

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