Drunk Robots — Recap #2

A month has passed since the last Recap and we have prepared a new one! This month has been rough for the team, but we want to thank you for your DOPE support! It helps us move forward and gives us strength. Our drunkards are already on the way, and soon you’ll be able to get drunk with them.

1. We’ve launched our YouTube channel, which already has an official teaser for the game. And also there will be a lot of DOPE videos and reviews from our side about the planned ahead project.

2. We’ve crossed the 6,000 sold robots mark. And soon we’ll reach 6666 and start our mystery quest with a legendary gun as a reward! And we’ve 2369 container holders, thank you for your support!

3. We already have 15 bands with a total of over 4000 members!

4. We continue to generate a lot of new content, show you different variations of Knockouts and BoBs, and that’s not all. The rest of the robots are coming soon. Also we’ve showed you a game dashboard!

5. We’re negotiating with one large platform and are about to announce a classy drop with them, if everything goes well.

6. We’ve launched and held several events and contests, and we’re going to continue to do so with the same success.

7. We’ve made the AMA Recap in one of the largest communities on Twitch — Blockchain GameGang. And also we’ve made the placement with YouTube bloggers with a total audience of more than 180,000 subscribers

8. We understand that the main breakthrough that everyone is waiting for is the gameplay, and be sure that during these weeks we’ve done, remade and planned a lot! The gameplay will be awesome and varied, together with you we understand every day in which direction to move. Soon you’ll see everything and enjoy the gameplay! Thanks for your patience.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!