Drunk Robots — Play-to-earn details and roadmap

First of all, yes — Drunk Robots is not just an avatar project, it’s a play-to-earn game built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

All these robots do is hang out in half-abandoned bars, get drunk, make sorties to the nearest cities to rob some stores and banks.

The robots can also have housing in the form of a refrigerator box or an abandoned bus to store their stuff and recharge their batteries.

After some time, gangs have formed in the city and divided it into zones of influence among themselves. The largest gangs have divided the city into several districts and receive tribute from them. But you need to be on the lookout — new gangs are constantly appearing and it is not always easy to resist assertive young mobs.

The local black market offers anyone to get weapons and clothes. Guns are rare, but necessary, since you can’t go rob a bank without a gun. The gear will give you more chances of escaping safely.

In general, life in the city is in full swing, anarchy and lawlessness flourish. Trash, fun and frenzy are accompanied by gang outings, showdowns between gangs and the constant question — where to get more METAL.

The history of the town and how it all began is already available on our website: https://drunk-robots.com/history

Your mission is to survive and seize the city that is overrun by the drunk, junky robots, whose only interests are METAL beer and violence.

Now we are nearing the stage of launching the game, and the first thing we started selling are containers that store robots, weapons and items needed for farming.

All this will be needed to start the game.

  • Container #1
    It contains 1 robot
    You can buy it for 0.6 BNB here
  • Container #2
    It contains 3 robots and 1 rare weapon
    You can buy it for 1.5 BNB here
  • Container #3
    It contains 6 robots,1 rare weapon and 1 farming unit
    You can buy it for 3 BNB here

There will be 10101 genesis robots in total. 6 types of robots with different characteristics, abilities, appearances and native weapons. Each robot will have a unique set of characteristics and a unique appearance.

The containers will be opened according to the fair launch principle. No one knows if you’ll get an ordinary robot or a super-rare one.

After opening, all the containers will be used as farming units for your robots. Bigger containers will farm more!

Opening of containers will be possible as soon as 8,888 robots are sold out. The sales roadmap can be found here: https://drunk-robots.com/#roadmap

Let’s jump to the hottest questions from our Discord community

1. Rarity system and characteristics

- Epic
- Rare
- Common





0–100 — a parameter that is enhanced by cool accessories. Like a boombox or stereo glasses.

All the characteristics can be increased with the help of accessories. You cannot change only the basic external characteristics (color, shape of the robot, etc.), while you can change clothes.

Also, the character has characteristics that need to be maintained:

0–100. Spent in mini-games, battles, etc. Restored through the use of METAL.

0–100. Spent in the same way as health, restored over time. If the robot owns a home, it recovers faster.

Street credibility. It rises after successful robberies and raids, victories in battles, and so on. If you behave smoothly — your rating rises.

2. Land and farming

3. Mini-games

Store robbery
We rob stores from infancy, so the rating does not matter. If you want, you can go alone without a weapon. The probability of success will be small, but it will still be there. You can just discreetly take out a can or two of METAL under your shirt.
In the same way, if you fail, you simply lose health and energy. If you succeed, you get a reward!

Fight Club
Smells of faulty wiring in here. Yes, this is the club that no one talks about. Underground fights. Player versus player. Bet before entering. Winner takes all.

Drunk Races
What could be better than cold METAL in the morning? Go out and jump behind the wheel of your clunker and hand it out sideways! Bet and let’s ride. Winner takes all, loser bathes in disgrace.

We can’t fight all the time! There are other fights for the pacifists. Show off what your body is capable on the dance floor! It is important to pump the Dope stat to win.

And more games to come!

4. In-game token

$MTL will be required for shopping, health recovery, missions, and so on. All rewards for successfully completing minigames and farming will also be paid in $MTL.

$LQT will be used as the main currency in the secondary market, where it can be exchanged, it can also be used for some actions. LQT-BNB staking may be required for improving the characteristics of your robots.

5. ROI/how much can we earn per month

6. How to check how many robots were sold

7. When the packs are sold out — how can new players enter the game

BUT, all this will take into account the votes of the Drunk Robots community, and also, genesis robots will definitely not be replicated or released. If it comes to that, then new robots will be released, but they will be less rare and will have weaker characteristics.

8. Gangs

There can be an unlimited number of gangs. The gangs are created by the users themselves. But a common goof cannot create a gang — you need a reputation. The character’s rating must be at least 500. The higher the rating — the more people can be called into the gang.

When creating a gang, the following is set:

  1. Name of the gang
  2. Сoat of arms
  3. Description
  4. Tagline
  5. Membership fee (paid once upon joining and replenishes the gang’s common fund)
  6. Requirements for gang members
  7. Clothes — all gang members wear clothes from the same set. A set can be selected from presets, or you can draw and load clothes yourself. A gang of bank robbers in Victorian outfits is a sight to behold.
  8. If the gang is opened or private

The goal is to create the largest gang to control most of the city. The city consists of 5 districts. Each of the districts is controlled by one of the gangs. Districts are graded in size and wealth. The coolest gang owns the richest neighborhood. What does control over an area give? It’s simple — $MTL. All members of the leader gang receive a daily payment in the form of METAL (% of transactions in the game).

The sharpness and strength of the gang is formed based on the total rating, strength, speed, and so on of its members.

You’ve taken away the pensions of all the old ladies in your area and are down to sipping juice? Don’t relax just yet. Once young gangs reach your level, they can claim your area. You’ll have to fight back.

Have you put together a daring young group that is ready to compete with the elders? The gang can then go to showdowns every night and seize new territories.

9. Clothes and guns

There may be 100 Desert Eagles, 5 Ak-47 and so on. It’s the same with clothes. There are common ones, there are super rare ones.

Clothes and guns increase not only your characteristics, but also the chance of a successful robbery or raid.

Also, there are plenty of various overhead accessories, such as giant batteries on the back, which will increase the supply of energy and speed up its replenishment. Dope accessories: boombox, chains, stereo glasses and so on.

10. Roadmap

  1. Players page — September, 2021
    A page, where you can see your robots, their characteristics, rarity, replenish energy and health.
  2. Browser mini-game — September, 2021
    The first mini-game that will allow the best players to get unique and rare in-game items.
  3. In-game store — September, 2021
  4. Secondary marketplace — September, 2021
  5. PVE — store and bank robbery– October, 2021
  6. Gangs — October, 2021
  7. Gang rating and wars — November, 2021
  8. Farming–November, 2021

11. Gameplay screenshots/video

Stay tuned!

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.