Drunk Robots partnering with Fancy Studios

2 min readFeb 24, 2023


Hello everyone! We are exhilarated to announce partnership with Fancy Studios. We share their vision and efforts to bring more fun and interactive games to Web3.
As part of this partnership, we will launch a tournament in our PvP mode, sponsored by Fancy Studios. The campaign will be launched on the Crew3 platform, in which users will randomly receive a branded Fancy Studios item of equipment that can be used throughout the tournament!

The prize fund of the tournament and the company is equal to 1500 $USDT in our native token $METAL.

At the moment, we are preparing assets and will soon announce the rules of the tournament! Let’s say hello to Fancy Studios and their community and thank them for their interest in our game!

About Fancy Studios.

They are the premier web3 gaming studio that develops hyper-casual games. They already have 3 games launched: Fancy Birds, Fancy Birds: Sky Wars, Fancy Hop, and more to go!

Fancy Games Studios differentiates itself from the competition by providing a best-case scenario for gamers: a platform for casual arcade games designed around proven game loops that are enhanced with monetary rewards.

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