Drunk Robots — Ambassador Program updates

There are so many talented applications, that we’ve decided to increase the first wave ambassadors number to 14!

  1. Shibo San
    Telegram @ShiboSanGaming
    Discord ShiboSan Gaming#7130
  2. Bitpan
    Telegram @Bitpan
    Discord Bitpan#4487
  3. Dexter Plays PH
    Telegram @dexterplaysph
    Discord DexterPlaysPH#8027
  4. Alessandro Soares
    Telegram @RendaTotalWeb
    Discord Alessandro .S — Renda Total#4160
  5. Archie Lim
    Telegram @iamarchielim
    Discord Harimao#2843
  6. Flash
    Telegram fdeflash
    Discord fdeflash#1584
  7. Crypt0Ref
    Telegram @Crypt0Ref
    Discord Crypt0Ref#2668
  8. Daniel Johnson
    Telegram @goshinyhunter
    Discord goshinyhunter#3430
  9. Arvin Cape
    Telegram @dmhmu
    Discord kayk#1150
  10. John Fleer Donguines
    Telegram @fleerPH
    Discord JohnFleer#0157
  11. Daxo Alencar
    Telegram @osvaldo_daxo
    Discord daxo#8232
  12. RoRo
    Telegram @goshiijunsama
    Discord RoRo#5332
  13. Marvin Samaniego
    Telegram @vh1n05
    Discord SalvajE | WCKD#3048
  14. Anderson Barreto
    Telegram @andersonbarretoz
    Discord andersonbarretoz#3007

To make this event entertaining and profitable for every member of the Drunk Robots community, we have asked the Ambassadors to create their own Gangs!

  • If your gang reaches more than 500 robots, then you and your gang will receive a special NFT drop with cool robo-items (equipment/farming units) with the gang symbols.
  • Top-3 Gangs will get a special $MTL drop when robots will be sold out, and $MTL will be available.

The ambassadors are already working on their gangs' appearance and mission!

If you are not on the ambassadors' list — do not worry, you can also create your own gangs. The sooner you start, the better. Stay tuned for the next updates, we will list all the gangs and explain to you how to join the one you’ve chosen!

Disclaimer: Ambassadors are representatives of the Drunk Robots and promote its services. The position of the Ambassadors and their statements are not official of the Drunk Robots.

Stay tuned!

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.