Drunk Robots Ambassador program is live!

2 min readAug 27, 2021


Are you a KOL/influencer or just a P2E games fan?

The Drunk Robots team is looking for local stars to be the ambassadors of projects in their country.

What do we expect from you?

  • You are an active Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Telegram user and you have your own community connected with crypto/p2e.
  • You are ready to share and promote the news about Drunk Robots.
  • You are advanced crypto user.
  • You are able to educate you own community about Drunk Robots.
  • You are Drunk Robots fan — you already know all the information about the future game, as well as world story and lore

You can learn more about the game here:

What do we offer?

  • 1 month recruitment and “DR official ambassador” status — we will promote you in our Twitter and Discord (may be renewed after 1 month).
  • Free robot container for each ambassador we accept.
  • Free robot container to giveaway among your audience.
  • Chat with our core team where we’ll share all the latest news and may answer your questions.
  • 300 $BUSD/month payment as a reward for beginning your job.
  • Discord exclusive status.
  • Beta test early access.

How to join

  1. Fill in the form: forms.gle/dvMQ3rXQgkJRSfYX6
  2. Start making content! More content you’ve created — more chances we will notice!
    Content ideas:
    a. make a big post on how you are going to attract more people to play Drunk Robots;
    b. create a video review of Drunk Robots;
    c. website review;
    d. roadmap review;
    e. characters review;
    f. events review;
  3. Create communities in messengers
  4. Create Reddit/4chan posts
  5. Post articles in Medium

Please use $LQT, $MTL, #LQT, #MTL hashtags and also tag our official accounts in Twitter @drunk_robots, @liquidifty

Don’t forget to share all the content in your socials — we should be able to find it!
Please note that ambassador slots are limited, we can’t guarantee anyone that we will pick you!

Stay tuned!




Intense and fun team-based free-to-play multiplayer shooter set in a brutal post-human society.