Drunk Robots — AMA Recap2.0

Hello, drunkards, some time ago you asked us to do something like a Friday talk show. Well, quite unexpectedly, we’ve decided to try it and combine it with the AMA session. We’ve picked the most popular questions you are interested in, from our discord, and answered on them last Friday.

Will there be any kind of advantage for holding containers? When?

We are already giving bonuses for those who hold 5,10 and 15 containers. So if you hold 5 containers you will get a weapon, for 10 containers you will get a farming unit, for 15 containers you will get a weapon and a farming unit. But notice that you can’t get more than 1 item.

How will you be able to keep the econOmics sustainable and the price of the in-game token in high demand and decent price for stable earnings?

At this stage we are almost done with the game design process, earlier we’ve given you some insights. So right now, we are working on the economy, precisely on the reward and its size, and how it will be possible to withdraw your reward. More details will be provided closer to the release.

In case you’ve missed the insights here is the link, I’ve just sent it into the general chat: https://drunk-robots.medium.com/drunk-robots-workflow-d74557c02d4f

How will the game hold up over time with so few robots for sale? How will the entry of new players be?

Since we have a declared limit on the collection of robots, this will have a positive effect on their rarity and cost in the future. As for how, new players CAN join, and there are several ways here: buy a robot on the secondary market, and we can also consider releasing a new robot collection, but only with the consent of our current community and current robot owners.

The alpha version of Play 2 Earn mode, is it still that far away? You could release a part at a time.

In fact, it’s not as far away as it was a month ago. This is what we plan to do, the problem was that we went in the wrong direction when we started developing our first version of the store robbery. We’ve revised everything completely andmoved away from this, and now we are going to release several game mechanics at once, gradually improving them both from the technical and visual side.

What game modes are planned in the near future?

Perhaps you have already managed to partially understand from the article about game design what we are going to do. If not, let’s briefly talk about it. We are going to do expeditions in which you can send your robot to collect the necessary materials and valuable resources, as well as pvp mode.

When will we have a staking program?

Our vision of staking will be released with PVP game mode. It’s based on a whole mode.

When will the opportunity to leave the current gangs appear? And can we create new gangs now?

In the future, you will have the opportunity to leave the gangs, we will also think over whether there will be some kind of penalty for this or not. In terms of creation, yes! For sure, you can create new gangs, and moreover, we actively support this, if you have the opportunity to attract new players and at the same time you may be a blogger, or you just have friends which you can attract, we are ready to discuss the possibility of including you as our ambassador — if your gang hires a certain number of players and robots.

How were robots generated?

As mentioned, 10,101 genesis robots have been generated randomly with a different set of characteristics using VRF powered by Chainlink. Containers open on the fair launch principle — no one knows in advance whether you’ll get an ordinary robot or a rare one.

Some robots have weapons in their left or defective hand, hats, items around their necks (such as a snake, a scarf), and a flag behind their back. I suppose these are all the Robot accessory NFTs. Am I right?

Yes, that’s right, these are the traits of each specific robot, which also, in turn, allow you to make the robot itself more unique.

Will the weapons that some robots have in the nft be the weapons in the game?

Yes, if your robot has a weapon in its hand, then accordingly it will use it initially in game activities, while each weapon has its own characteristics.

What if someone cheats in the mini-game? Have you thought about it?

We thought about this, so we have decided to check the top leaderboard players every week and send PRIZES to those who actually played. In addition to this, we are going to change the rules for distributing prizes starting next week. It means that we are going to randomly send 10 containers among those who got 100 or more points.

When will we get weapons and farm units for containers #2 and #3?

Regarding containers #2 and #3, you will get everything, as announced, but at this stage you will have an opportunity to see only a robot, a farming unit and weapon will be provided to you later, once we include their mechanics in the game.

Can we have staking for genesis robot/holders while waiting for the game, let’s say $MTL token as a reward.

We have divided our metaverse into several game activities and one of them will be released very soon, so don’t worry. We are thinking about how to give you something as soon as possible.

Right there’s so little info about $MTL. How would $MTL get its value?

We’ve already shared info about some partnerships, and one of them is with gate.io, so our token is going to be listed there. We will provide more info closer to this event.

Regarding mini-game, are weapons the main reward in it? Will it be forever like that?

It’s not a weapon, it could be equipment or a weapon.

What if I’ve already opened my containers, and now I have 10 robots, should I get a farming unit?

Nope, you should hold 10 closed containers to get the reward.

How much is the initial farming unit price?

We are going to provide prices for equipment, weapons and farming units right after the secondary market release and the main game activity release.

Do we expect a working p2e game this year? Or just an alpha test for the store robbery?

According to our plans we are going to do some kind of p2e activity, but it’s going to be a test -without our main Token but with some rewards. More information will be next week.

Will bank and store robbery be the main P2E of this game?

No, we’ve revised it, so our main activities at this stage are going to be PVP (players vs player mode) and expeditions.

Thank you everyone for participating, we don’t know how often we are going to provide such talk shows but we will try to do one more this year.




Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.

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Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots

Play-to-earn game on #BSC. Survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.

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