Drunk Races — energy recovery and mileage updates

Drunk Robots
2 min readAug 2, 2022


Hey to all drunk drivers! We have two important announcements:

1. We have added the ability to restore energy in races: the energy charging is progressive, and the charging cost varies.

The cost of charging depends on the rarity and changes upwards after 3 charges per day.

Thus, the first 3 recharges for a common cart will cost 100 $METAL each, and starting from the 4th charge, the cost is 300 $METAL each, and so on.

2. Restoration of mileage in races will be postponed for some time.

As for the mileage of carts, we have decided to implement this feature along with the transfer of races to the dashboard. Since now the possibility of balances is not implemented in races and its implementation, besides taking time is also not advisable, because the races will still move to the dashboard.
So, instead of doing 2 tasks at the same time, mileage in races and gangs, we will put gangs aside and do double work in races.

At the same time, balances are necessary, because if you run out of mileage and you withdraw all the $METAL, you will not be able to restore it, respectively, you will need to buy a new cart and earn $METAL for restoration.

So, you can wait until then or buy a new cart if you want to race now.

In the near future, we are going to update our roadmap and add a lot of new features and generally reveal our development plans in more detail so that it becomes transparent to everyone.

Enjoy the game and don’t hesitate to share your feedback on our socials!



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