Dashboard release

We’re ready to present the player’s dashboard: https://app.drunk-robots.com/

The dashboard is a place where you can get quick access to all the main functions associated with your robot as well as access to gaming activities.

At this stage, you’ll have the opportunity to view your robots and their traits, as well as the rarity level. Also, now you can play the mini-game and view the leaderboards for it, which means that we’re ready to give out prizes to the top 10 players on a weekly basis. Competitive week starts on Monday, 22/11/2021, and lasts until 28/11/2021.

Later, there will be a display of the current characteristics of each robot — at the moment we’re working on the balance for that.

In the dashboard, you’ll be able to play next mini-games, buy and withdraw $MTL, track your progress in PVE and PVP activities, as well as the opportunity to use the market.

At this stage, this is the first version of the dashboard, which is still in development and will bring with it more features in future updates.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!