Blockchain GameGang — AMA Recap

On Wednesday, September 23 Co-Founder of Drunk Robots, Vladimir Nikitin attended a live stream AMA to answer the most interesting and frequently asked questions! The video is available here.

What will the gameplay be like? Is it 2D or 3D, action or strategy? When will the game be available for play?

Drunk Robots is a metaverse consisting of numerous mini-games employing various gameplay mechanics. Play-to-Earn games are not average games, but a mixture of entertainment and financial tools that allow players to earn real revenues in real funds. We plan to experiment with gameplay and offer players different options. Among them will be 2D platformers, RPG, farming, and even a 3D world powered by the Unreal engine or Unity. We plan to experiment together with our players, as the game will develop in the direction the developers and users decide! The NFT and P2E markets are developing and changing rapidly, so we must adapt to the changing conditions.

How will play-to-earn mode work? What is the earnings?

1) First of all, we will provide Free-to-Play opportunities to all players with different events and activities.

2) The in-game earning system will later allow players to earn funds in a range of mini-games entailing such scenarios as bank robberies, racing, farm building and others. Our tokenomics system is being refined at this stage and will be published as soon as it is ready.

3) Players will be also able to create in-game gangs that will open new sources of income.

4) Owning land with farming units will also be a component that will allow users to make money.

What is the capacity of a farming unit? Can we get the details in number terms so we can plan our activities in advance?

We are at the final stage of preparation and testing of the game economy. We will present it to you very soon. All the details will be provided in the release.

The website states that LQT-BNB staking may be required for improving the characteristics of your robots. Is this so and are there any details?

The details will also be released and explained in detail in the tokenomics, which will be released soon.

How do you plan to scale? 10,000 players is a fairly small limit. Will there be robot breeding in the game? If so, how will ensuing generations differ from the first ones?

Including the function of breeding robots is not among our near future plans. However, if the number of players increases, the threshold for entering the game will become too expensive and will interfere with scaling. We will discuss these issues with the players, since if we make a joint decision. If all are in favor, then we will add new robots to the metaverse list. But these robots will be less rare and much less attractive than those released at the launch stage. They will differ from the Genesis generation robots.

What is the fun part of the game? After all, in addition to earning money, drive and fun are very important for a game, since both are factors that retain users.

In addition to game mechanics, we are placing great emphasis on the lore of the game and the social component. Players will be able delve into the game and break the rules that they must abide by in real life. And that includes binging beer, robbing the all-so-hated banks, banding up in gangs for launching robberies and looting. Who would not want to play the role of a vicious gangster even for a minute, or indulging in some fist fighting late at night?

Will gameplay be available for those with only 1 robot? For example, can the owner of 1 robot rob a bank? Can I party with other players? Is there a maximum number of robots a player can use in mini-games? How many weapons does it take to rob a bank? How can those who do not already own any weapons get some?

You can play with one robot! But you will not be able to rob a bank by yourself. To do this, you need to have at least three robots in stock. A store robbery, however, is a great opportunity for beginners!

There is no maximum number of robots a player can have, as you can send several squads to rob several banks. You will need at least one gun to charge a bank. You can also take on a store with your bare mitts, but your chances of success will be low.

In order to get a weapon, you can use our promotions. Just hold 5 containers with robots and you will receive a weapon immediately after all are sold out! There will also be other opportunities for those with fewer robots. Follow our announcements to learn more!

You will not be able to join up in a party with other players, but you can join a gang!

What ROI can players expect from the robots they buy?

We are striving to build the game’s economy in such a way that on average a player can earn $400 to 1,000 per month, depending on the time spent in the game. However, we cannot give any guarantees regarding earnings, and there is also no limit on those either. The income of the players who have many robots, are successful in their robberies, who upgrade their characters wisely and manage a top gang, will be higher than $5,000 per month, according to our preliminary calculations. Also, since we are employing the fair launch principle, you may come across a rare robot that will be valuable. But, as you can imagine, we cannot guarantee any significant incomes to anyone. It all depends on the state of the market and how popular the game will be. For our part, we will do our best to attract as many players as possible.

Will there be a limit on the number of people in the gang? If there is no limit, players will simply band in the largest gangs and win all the battles.

The rating of a gang in the game will not be determined by the number of people in it, but by their total rating, so the largest gang does not always win. The quality of the gang wins. The gameplay for the players and the gameplay for the gangs are also separate, as each has its own mechanics. Finally, the rewards for gangs are structured in such a way that it simply does not make economic sense for everyone to join the same gang, since the rewards will be too small and will always be distributed among several gangs, thus constantly maintaining competition between the gangs.

Will there be a scholarship system like in Axie?

Yes, such a system will be available.

What if you don’t sell all the robots this month? Are you going to accomplish the roadmap that says: “Players page, Browser mini-game, In-game store and Secondary marketplace being released in September, 2021”?

Apparently, the opening of containers will have to be postponed to October, since 8,888 robots have not been sold out yet. Accordingly, the opening of the marketplace will also be postponed.

But don’t worry if we are still far from 8,888, anyway we will give the opportunity to start opening containers in October.

And this week we will start sharing with you the images of robots that you can get from containers on social networks! Stay tuned!

Where will Drunk Robots be in 10 years? What makes Drunk Robots stand out and competitive? After all, the market is growing very quickly and there are more play2earn games coming out on the market.

Yes, we really have a lot of worthy competitors. We believe that our main strength is in a team that has extensive experience and is ready to design and develop a product based on data, numbers and market analysis. We have no interest in building just a game, we want to build a product that is demanded on the market.

It is also important to note that we want to combine and develop both components in the game — the fun and a solid economic model. Many of our competitors focus on one thing and lose players as a result.

We also plan to work with players more closely, since your feedback and suggestions are really important. We want to develop the game together with you!

And there’s the metaverse itself. Haven’t you fallen in love with drunk robots yet? No one remains aside!

Will the game be on-chain or off-chain? Gas will be stent for which actions?

Key actions, such as those related to the robots themselves or operations with the withdrawal of $MTL to the exchange will be carried out on the blockchain. The main gameplay itself will be built off-chain, so that the gameplay is free, simple and fast for the player!

Will Play-to-Earn mode be available to those who do not have any robots?

Free-to-Play modes will be available to players without robots. Such cases, they can get items that they can then sell on the marketplace!

Will robot parts be replaceable?

No, the parts of a robot cannot be replaced. However, the characteristics of the robot can be upgraded using different items that can be bought for MTL in stores or won in quests and mini-games.

The big problem with P2E games today is poor economics. How do you plan to build a balance and why exactly do you expect the economy of Drunk Robots to perform well?

As we had said earlier, our main advantage is a strong team of professionals and the ability to quickly adapt to changes. We will constantly monitor our performance and improve the game’s economy. The game will not stand still, but constantly expand and change, so the economy will always adapt to current market conditions and the activity of the players in order to find the perfect balance between supply and demand.

We have initially built the game economy in such a way that deflation will exceed inflation over time, or remain equal. Thus, more tokens than can be repurchased will never be released onto the market. We are also implementing protection against whales and against Play-to-Win strategies, which are often detrimental to games.

Thank you all for the attention and support! We appreciate all of you guys, you are the reason why the project is moving forward!

We also have a community version of the recap from the Exitializ gang!

But please remember that the official statements of the Drunk Robots are being posted only by the project’s official employees in Drunk Robots official socials and on the website:

Stay tuned!



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