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6 min readMar 15, 2022

On March 2nd, 2022 at 12:00 pm (UTC), we joined the Good Games Guild Discord Server to connect with their community and answer numerous questions relating to the Drunk Robots mission, tech, progress on the journey so far, recent updates, and the plans moving forward. Our Game Producer — Den took part in a particularly epic AMA session, sincerely greeted the community, and talked about Drunk Robots in more depth.

If you missed the AMA live, have a read of this recap to gain some deeper insights into the Drunk Robots project, as follows:

§ Drunk Robots will have captivating gameplay, as follows:

1. PvP Brawls

Do you have what it takes to beat down those boisterous, boozy robots? Go head-to-head with other players to climb the leaderboards throughout each PvP season. At the end of each season, players will be rewarded, based on their division and rating, and the best players will receive the biggest prizes.

2. Expeditions

Foray into Los Machines in search of valuable resources (and beer, of course!), but be wary of the many enemies you’ll meet along the way! If you manage to survive an Expedition, you’ll earn rewards such as $MTL tokens or items such as equipment, weapons, cosmetics, or consumables.

3. Scavenging

The humans, who once inhabited Los Machines, left behind plenty of valuables, and you can send your robot to search for them. Complete mining activities to receive a container that may contain items such as weapons or equipment.

4. Drunk Races

Build your carriage from different cart types and wheels and join the drunk races with up to 9 other players in one race

5. Mini-Games

You’ll need to purchase an NFT robot to participate in the first four activities on this list, but Drunk Robots also features free-to-play casual games that anyone can enjoy. Complete a certain number of these mini-games each week to receive a container that contains weapons or equipment.

§ Most of the game activities work on the backend, and you need to use blockchain just for common cases, for example, check if you have NFT on your wallet and to deposit/withdraw the token. So in case something happens, we can resolve it in just a few hours. As for the audit, we are going to do it soon for the token. Once it will be done, we will announce it.

§ We have 3 co-founders Slava, Vladimir, and one more Slava with great expertise in blockchain and other fields. Regarding the game industry, we have staff from such companies as Playstation, Nintendo, DeNA, Wargaming, IGG, and also who used to work on Halo online and Lineage2. The lead game designer is from Ubisoft. All are well experienced and have a great portfolio.

§ We saw that the metaverse and Play-to-Earn games are an opportunity for people from so many countries to finally receive additional income or even change their job to an easier one and gain access to capital that they did not have before. We want to give millions of people the opportunity to play with pleasure and profit, and all this is in the metaverse.

§ We already launched our first Free-to-Play game in October 2021, also 2 Play-to-Earn games: Scavenging (where you can stake your NFT and earn) and PvP, where you can battle up to 6 vs 6 robots with other players. Regarding the partnership, we have some huge names on board:

1. Animoca Brands
2. Merit Circle
3. Shima Capital
5. Good Games Guild
7. DEX ventures
8. Moonrock Capital
9. Liquidifty
10. Faraland
11. Wanakafarm
12. Polygon
13. Polygon studios
14. Binance NFT
15. 1inch Co-Founders

§ Currently, we are working hard on the next versions of PvP, where you will be able to use the $METAL token. Also working on the 2nd Free-to-Play game — it’s made in Unity, so looks great. And the new game mode is Drunk Races. Mobile apps might be at the end of April, and it’s going to be 2nd mini-game and PVP mode (both of them are developed with Unity)

§ We are going to have IDO soon, which will take place on 3 launchpads: Liquidifty, Gamefi, and Trustpad on 7 April. Check our roadmap here:

§ We adopt the dual token ecosystem. The main token of the game is called $METAL. The users should use $METAL to trade in-game items on the marketplace, progress their characters and equipment, a battle on PVP arena, participate in races, and more. The token is eagerly awaited in the community because it has a wide utility. Regarding token inflation, we care about the tokenomic, and there are some burn rates for TAXes and other activities, all of that is backed by the core games. The whole tokenomics is clearly explained here:

§ We already sold out our entire collection, so later you will be able to buy a robot on the secondary marketplace — this is going to be once after IDO and the game token release. But as for now, you can enjoy the Free-to-Play games.

§ There are other ways to earn rewards on the platform, excluding playing the game. You can stake your NFT (one of your robots) and just wait until it will earn tokens for you. It’s working, and people are using it, almost 4000 people are scavenging right now.

§ We are conducting beta tests for all of our followers. You can just join our Discord and Twitter to stay active. We are also working on the scholarship program, it’s going to be very simple (even now you can give your login and password for the gaming dashboard and be sure that no one can steal your NFT).

§ To get mass adoption, we have created the Free-to-Play mini-games. You can try one of them right now here: Besides that, we are going to add free robots, which you can’t sell, and which also have some restrictions, but still, you will be able to earn. Also, there is a renting system that is going to be in Drunk Races — for those who don’t have a robot or cart. With f2p modes and robots, we can bring a lot of players on board.

§ We are really ane in terms of visuals. You can check our collection here:

§ For us, building community is crucial. Trust is the most important, without community and its trust you can’t really develop a product that will work for ages. We are providing 24/7 support and always are here to help the players. Even though we are using the platform where the players can suggest their ideas or discuss the current roadmap

§ We are confident that there will be a demand for the token inside the game, as it has a vast number of different activities by genre. Everyone will be able to find what they like, and all these activities are backed by a token so that there is an opportunity to earn money, and at the same time, if other aspects are important to you, cosmetic ones, for example, you can also get it.

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