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Hey guys, last friday, October 21st, an AMA with our game producer took place in our discord, we present you its recap.

1. Hello drunk robots, since the very start of development I’ve witnessed a lot of different changes from the original road map and now. I would like to ask where you can see this game in the next three years. Also, a big thing now is competing with play-to-earn games, creating your plan on making the pvp more competitive, and if so, what ideas do you have in mind that could do this? And my final question is whether people will be allowed to stake the mtl token? Having staking will really encourage people to buy mtl even if they do not play the game and not rush to cash out

A good question, and the truth is also that the roadmap has changed many times both in terms of game mechanics and time changes. But in general, we have identified for ourselves the main components:

This is a PvP mode, the ability to use skills, influence the fight — thereby enabling skill players to be on an equal footing with those who simply throw in money. Different arenas, different team combinations, a clearer difference between the types of robots, more equipment, and the ability to get and upgrade it.

Racing — we also plan to introduce visualization there, but this is after PvP, not in the 1st queue.

Gangs and their development, guilds and player associations are an important social component that gives less experienced players the opportunity to understand game mechanics faster, as well as the opportunity to show their leadership and team skills. We are betting heavily on this and are going to invest a lot of resources in their development.

Lands will also be an important component, in addition to owning land and the ability to farm a unit on it, they will be used in gang / syndicate wars — ultimately we want to come where one gang fights against members of another gang and vice versa and one part is assigned to them lands, that gives them additional bonuses in combat and receiving in-game items.

2. What will gang wars look like? A larger version of the current PVP? Or an open world like GTA? Would love to be able to roam the streets and get into battles with other Gangs

This one is a super tricky question. However here it is important to understand that the robots and all assets are ours in 2D, and even if we look at the implementation of the battle visualization, it is also in 2D, most likely we plan to develop this project further in this vein.

We are certainly flattered by the comparison with GTA, but it is important to understand that, for example, the development of GTA 5 was more than 5 years, and the budget was 265 million dollars. And all this without the integration of blockchain technologies, which will surely create a lot of difficulties in the game development process.

3. Since I am planning to buy the land, I would like to know the details of it, which is described as [land] in Q4.(Price, intended use, rental fee, etc.)

Details such as price and rental fee are still being worked out by game designers, but lands will be used in several game activities:

* Firstly, in the future they will partially overlap with the gang war and part of the land will be reserved for this use

* It will be possible to place a farming unit on the lands

* Lands can be combined and can place your avatar (or other desired picture)

* Lands can be rented out to place farming units on them

We’ve planned to release the 1st version this year, so I guess in November we will provide more detailed information regarding price and use cases.

4. How easy or simplified is The DRUNK ROBOTS game and how can your play-to-earn mechanism be achieved with less monetary demand? What type of audience will your games suit more (crypto or non-crypto gamers)? In what ways does being blockchain-oriented make DRUNK ROBOTS better than a traditional game?

I advise you to take a closer look at the secondary market to find the cheapest one, however, we also believe that entry into the game isn’t expensive at the moment. In addition, in the future we plan to introduce an F2P robot, it will be worse in parameters than the main ones, and also, there will be certain restrictions on earnings, and of course, even with it there will be no possibility to simply farm metal without investments.

As for the audience type we’ve focused on crypto players, now we are taking more steps to attract regular players, because we believe that this gives a good ratio and will have a positive impact on projects of this kind.

5. Game experience is what players need. What creative dimension and gaming perspective will be introduced? And how will you be able to prioritize game experience first and thereafter perfectly link NFT into it without trading off core gaming experience?

I fully agree with this statement, and we have already begun our first steps in this direction. At the moment there is a battle visualization (its first implementation) that has been in development for more than 4 months (that’s actually not such a long time), this is exactly how this main PvP mode game activity will look like, it will be complemented by the ability to use skills, an additional UI, additional arenas, and opportunities to speed up the battle.

6. If somebody outside of the crypto space hears about your project and wants to make an investment, would it be very difficult for them? How would you educate users?

It seems to me that at this stage this is a rather complicated process, now we are working on the possibility of doing battles, managing equipment and types of robots without registering through metamask and even without an initial purchase, and subsequently, after this test period is over, we will conduct a step-by-step guide about how to create a wallet, buy NFT, and register in the real dashboard.

I personally have a really varied and extensive experience in gaming and game fields, worked with the man who designed the Nintendo 64, and later he held a senior position in the Japanese publisher DeNA — mainly engaged in mobile games, also used to work with the Sony Playstation business development manager who was bringing indie game studios into the Sony ecosystem. And for sure personal gaming experience for 20 years, so yeah, I know how it’s important to clearly explain how a game works and how to join it, especially in NFT and GameFi space right now.

7. Usually, an NFT game favors those who have upgraded, leveled, and purchased a big number of in-game items leaving those new players behind them. How would you promote fairness and equality to its players? Do the skills of the players matter more than the character…?

At the moment, a correctly assembled team of robots and equipment for them — win, while I cannot say that with 1 robot (even if it is legendary) you can become top 1, respectively, how much you spend influences on how much you can earn.

But it is very important to understand that even if you spend a lot, this does not guarantee you being in the top 1, because you can simply lower the parameters with weaker equipment (we saw such cases), you may not understand the basic mechanics. If we talk about the future, there will be the possibility of using abilities, which in turn will also bring an additional opportunity to earn due to your skill and not the number of tokens in your wallet.

8. For each project, partners and backers are always an important factor. So what are partners and backers of your project and what support do they provide?

Some of the questions are quite basic for those who have been with us for a long time, but let’s not forget about newcomers who are just joining and trying to learn more about the project.

You can check our partners and backers on our website section “our partners”. We have some well known names, such as Animoca Brands, Binance NFT marketplace, Shima capital, a lot of gaming guilds and other well known and respected guys from the field.

9. About partnerships, could you tell us which ones are active and running and what advantages are going to be from it?

I often hear that partnerships don’t work. And there is no value from them, and here I completely disagree. Without partnerships and without mentions from large and medium players in the market, you can very quickly become nobody.

Most of the partnerships that we announced are active in one way or another, it can be in very different activities, for example, with game guilds we can attract new players or discuss how the renting systems should work.

With game projects (like faraland and wanaka farm), they are mainly an exchange collaborations audience, but joint drops can also take place, in addition, we share information about upcoming conferences and participate in them.

The other part can be investors and, accordingly, provide financial support and also various expertise in marketing, blockchain technologies, and other areas that may affect development and promotion of the game.

10. When do you come to Brazil to have a beer with me?

Tempting offer, tickets bought, flying out! 😄

11. When will withdrawals be completely automated? Since deposits are getting automated with the next update.

At the moment, this is a forced measure to ensure additional security of withdrawn funds, while with a significant increase in the number of players and withdrawals, we will switch to an automatic system, at the moment this system for checking the correctness of withdrawals is also under development.

12. Can I invite my other account?

If I understood the question correctly, we do not prohibit multi accounting, but it is important to use different robots and equipment.

If you are talking about a referral program, we also have it, you can find it under the “invite friends” section in our dashboard.

13. Can my account be terminated and banned?

At the moment we do not see any reason for this, we can reject your withdrawal if you suddenly find some kind of vulnerability for this, but there have been no such cases since the release, so you don’t have to worry.

14. Can I download all iOS and Android games? Also, please let me know if it is possible to play on the website.

At the moment we do not have a mobile application, but there are plans to develop it. Nevertheless, the opportunity to play now is from any device that has a browser, be it a mobile or a desktop device.

15. Some NFT games require initial capital, but is your project a game that requires it?

We have F2P games, but they are mostly just for fun, if we talk about the possibility of earning and playing, then yes, the initial capital is required as in any P2E game.

Here it is also important to understand that money is not made out of thin air, and in general, the economy of any game at the moment lives off various incomes. I have my own thoughts about what this offshoot as a P2E game can come to, but more on that we’ll probably discuss later.

16. Are you going to do some tournaments?

Yes, we are really thinking about holding a tournament between players, it’s too early to talk about specific mechanics and rules, but we want to say that it will become available after the release of new containers and most likely equipment progression, because to support competition and the opportunity to win, we must provide the tools to do so.

We will share more details about the rules later, as they are currently being discussed with game designers and also with some players in order to take into account their opinion.

17. How can you control the falling metal? Do you have anything in plan or will it ever be contained or kept falling?

You can’t fully control it, you can work on attracting new players, work on mechanics that will contribute to growth of token, on making more releases, communicating more with the community and arranging various activities, and this will in one way or another affect the cost of the token, as well as various tools allow you to hold tokens, for example, as staking and thereby increase demand.

18. What is all the movement of bots happening with the drunk robots accounts?

There are platforms, such as dappradar, that track the actions of games and access to their smart contract, since we have most of the off-chain game functions, we have very few tracks on it.

We are thinking about how to increase them organically in the future, but so far there are no such tools, we, like other projects, are creating these tracks.

19. Will there be an option to make an offer to someone inside the liquid. marketplace? Right now, we need to use other secondary markets to do this, and some players don’t even see those offers.

It is important to understand here, that despite the fact that we have one company, we have different roadmaps for the development of our products, and personally I can only talk about robots, nevertheless, yes, we undoubtedly communicate and transfer certain requests that come from our community, and yes, they have plans to implement such functions.

20. Some of the most badass Robots, the legendaries, were opened but are not being used. The accounts seem inactive. Are there any plans to reintroduce them in the game, maybe even through skins (that don’t apply stats?) Or have we lost those amazing designs forever?

There is a very delicate point, since this is NFT and a person can buy it not for the sake of playing, it’s important that he retains the right to own this NFT and retains the uniqueness. But this does not mean that new items of equipment and robots may appear, that will be just as crazy.

It was a text AMA, in general we can make an audio one later if that’s the most interesting format for you.

Thanks to everyone! We are really very happy to get and feel your support and interest, from our side we try to share information as early as possible.

Stay tuned and follow our digests and social networks for more updates!



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