5 000 000 $METAL reward in PvP ARENA

Drunk Robots
2 min readMay 4, 2022


The 1st season will end earlier, 0:00 UTC 05.05.2022. Thus, the 2nd one begins this week, 0:00 UTC 06.05.2022.

First of all, we are completely overhauling the game economy. So that the entrance is easier and at the same time we increase the rewards.

The changes we are going to make are divided into 2 parts: rewards and prices and PvP mechanics and leaderboard changes.

PART I, Rewards and prices:

  1. Season pool in PvP will be equal to 5 000 000 $METAL
    (The estimated ROI for 1 common robot is going to be around 128 $METAL/Per Day, so in 1 month you can earn 3840 $METAL)
  2. Price of Container #1 with robot will be equal to 5 000 $METAL
  3. The price of a container with common-rare equipment will be equal to 2500 $METAL
  4. The price of a container with rare-epic equipment will be equal to 8500 $METAL
  5. Small energy booze will be equal to 5 $METAL, big booze — 10 $METAL
  6. Reroll price will be equal to 5 $METAL
  7. Slots:

PART II, PvP mechanics and leaderboard:

  1. In cases where someone leaves the formation empty or removes the leader of the formation, farming speed is going to be reduced to 0, until the player will return his formation or leader back.
  2. It is necessary to conduct at least 5 battles every 24 hours, otherwise farming speed drops to 0, and it is restored only after 5 battles.
  3. The rating is lowered if there are not 5 battles per every 24 hours, the rating drops by 10% from a player’s current one and so on, until it reaches the minimum of 1.

These changes will attract more players, as well as bring more activity to PvP mode itself. Thus, we will accustom you to conduct battles. Don’t forget that the next iteration involves visualization and then using robot abilities.

PART I is going to be implemented with the 2nd season — 06.05.2022.

PART II is going to be implemented — 16 May 2022.

Enjoy the game and don’t hesitate to share your feedback on our socials!



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